Our Ministries

Want to get involved or serve at ReaLife? Find your perfect fit with one of our ministry teams!

ReaLife Kids

If you have a passion for helping children grow in their faith and teaching them about Jesus at a young age, join the ReaLife Kids Ministry. You’ll have the opportunity to minister to kids ranging from birth through 5th grade. (Prerequisite: The state of Pennsylvania requires a background check for individuals who work with a minor.)

ReaLife Youth

A great way to invest in the lives of a younger generation can be experienced in the ReaLife Youth Ministry. This is a weekly service geared for 6th to 12th graders that challenges them to apply the Word of God to everyday life. You can help be a part of the process. (Prerequisite: The state of Pennsylvania requires a background check for any individual who works with a minor.)

ReaLife Women

ReaLife Women is an active part of our ministry that engages women in Life Group studies, practical outreach helps, and serving opportunities throughout the church.  A yearly highlight is hosting the regional IF conference that connects with thousands of women across the county and around the globe.


ReaLove is an outreach ministry that is designed to reach our church family needs and the needs of the community. The goal of this ministry is to share God’s love with people while meeting their physical and emotional needs. ReaLove has helped people by: sending cards, sending gifts, providing meals, and donating materials to those in need.

Experience Team

If you're a people person, look no further! This team's main focus is to make every person that walks through the doors feel at home. Whether you’re greeting first time guests at the New Here Table, or taking care of any needs during the service, there’s always an opportunity to meet new people and help out on the Experience Team!

Hospitality Team

If you have a passion for serving people through food then you’ll fit right in with our kitchen team. Whether it’s serving pastries and coffee at the ReaLife Cafe or a full meal at an all church event, your skills in the kitchen will be greatly appreciated!

Media & Livestream Team

From photography and videography, to balancing sound or media display, our Media & Livestream Team aim to present the gospel creatively. This team is broken down into multiple different areas, some of which focus on live service, and some that work on creative elements outside of the service. If you are a creative mind, join this team!

Safety Team

This team’s main focus is to provide a safe worship experience for all ages. Directing people where they should be during service and looking out for anything that could bring harm is a high priority. (Prerequisite: Due to an overlap with areas containing minors, we require our Safety Team to complete a background check.)

Worship Team

A huge part of the Sunday experience is worship. If you excel in an instrument or singing and have a passion for worship, we encourage you to come to use your gifting to help others connect with God.